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Fandom Friending

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August 22nd, at 9:10pm]

Okay. Here's the deal.

I want a team of at LEAST four people to take over this community.

People have requested questions for shows/movies that I've never even seen.

The other two mods have disappeared on me.

So, I want at least four people to take over the community completely and come up with the questions. I'll still help here and there or whatever, but otherwise, I want these people to be fully in charge and come up with the questions. Remake some graphics that are currently missing from the userinfo, and do all that crap.

This is where you'll find the requests people have made.

If you're interested in taking over, please reply to this post. You must have the extra time on your hands to come up with the questions and post them. My suggestion would be to create an email address where people can email questions for the fandoms you're not a fandom of, OR you could make a weekly post where people could list off questions for certain fandoms for you to use. To get other inspiration, you could find quizzes for the fandoms and use questions from those.

You should also have at least some experience in modding a community and should be able to make graphics for promotion.

I want at least four people so that it can be spread out evenly. You'll also have to join fandomadmin. fandomadmin is a community we made for posting questions under friends lock so it could be an archive for the questions of upcoming fandoms that haven't been posted yet.

I think that's pretty much all you need to know. There are a lot of members of this community, so I do not want to see this community get inactive and eventually get deleted.

To those who commented in the previous post, if you're interested in taking over and co-moding, reply to this post.

I'd like two people to be the main mods, and two people to be the co-mods, or something along those lines.
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June 24th, at 11:21am]


I think the mods and I are on


until we can figure out what's going on with the community/I can possibly find some extra hands to help come up with the questions.

We didn't have all of the questions done ahead of time like we should have, so that's why we haven't posted any questions.

If you'd like to help come up with questions for different movies/tv shows (there are tons of shows/movies that were requested that I wouldn't know what questions to ask for), please comment with the following information:

Email address:
Messenger screen names (AIM, MSN, Yahoo):
What fandoms would you be able to come up with questions for?:
*How often can you write up the questions and post them to fandomadmin?:
Can you make graphics to go along with promoting the questions as we have in the past?:
Would you be willing to help promote by joining communities for whatever fandom?:
Any other info?:

Copy these questions from the box:

*If I decide to let you write up the questions, I'll probably invite you to join the fandomadmin community so that you can have posting access and post the questions.

I don't want this community to die, so that's why I'm doing this.

Please answer as soon as possible, and only reply if you have the extra time on your hands. I'd say the next few weeks would be good for replying. I think we need at least two people to share writing up the questions, if not three or four. It will depend on how many people respond.
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May 31st, at 9:36am]

Few days late (I forgot >.>), but better late than never.

This week's book questions are for the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier. This is one of my favorite trilogies. It's an Irish fantasy trilogy based on an old Irish folktale. I've been a fan of this trilogy since my junior year of high school and I love it.

How long have you been a fan of the Sevenwaters trilogy/Juliet Marillier?:
What books of the trilogy have you read?:
Which of the three books is your favorite, and why?:
What character(s) is/are your favorites?:
Who of Sorcha's six brothers are your favorites?:
What are your favorite quotes? Your favorite scenes?:
Who is your favorite couple?: Sorcha/Red, Liadan/Bran, Fainne/Darragh
If there was a movie made based on the books, who are up to five actors/actresses you could see playing the characters and why?:
If you could ask any of the characters any three questions, what would they be, and who would you ask?:
Who of the three main characters is your favorite?: Sorcha, Liadan, or Fainne:
Who is your favorite "bad guy"?
Who is your least favorite character?
What drew you to the books and made you decide to read them?
If you could change any of the events that happen in the trilogy, what event(s) would they be and why?:
What is in your LJ?:
What are your other fandoms?:

Copy the questions from the box below in to a comment and answer the questions.

Want to help promote the community and these questions? Copy the following code from the box below:

Which will look like this:

This week's questions for books is for the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier. Join fandomfriending today and find new friends to chat about the trilogy with! You can find the questions here.
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Week 3 TV: Queer as Folk [Tuesday
May 30th, at 1:52pm]

Queer as Folk

Copy the text in the box below, paste it in a new comment, fill out the meme and let the friending begin!

fandomfriending's latest TV show is Queer as Folk! Please go here to start finding other QAF fans!

Want to help pimp the community? copy and paste the text below and post it in your ljs, comms, and forums!
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(Better late than never) Movie: Moulin Rouge- week 2 [Friday
May 26th, at 7:37pm]

I am SO sorry that this is late, everyone! I figured it won't be too bad because it's not like there's a date you have to comment by or something. The posts'll stay up!

How long have you been a fan?:
Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
Which song from the movie is your favorite?:
Do you have a favorite line from the movie?:
Favorite scene?:
Favorite dance scene?:
Did the ending make you cry?:
Have you memorized the movie yet?:
Were you a fan of any of the Actors befor the film?:
Do you have the moulin rouge soundtrack?:
Which Character do you relate to the most?:
Is The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return?:
How obsessed are you?:
Are you a fan of Baz Luhrmann's work?:
Other fandoms:
What's in your LJ (Everyday life, fanfic, graphic)?:

Copy the code from the text box below!

And to make all those Moulin Rouge fans squee a bit, I'll add this in:

My aim is toward that gorgeous Scottish guy that Nichole is kissing...XD

Edit: should probably add this.

Want to help pimp the community?

Copy the code from that box and post it in your userinfo or in your LJ! It will look like this:

fandomfriending's latest movie is Moulin Rouge! Please go here to start finding other Moulin Rouge fans!
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Week 2 TV: The Supernatural [Monday
May 22nd, at 7:07pm]

the WB's Supernatural.

Leave a comment where you answer the following questions:

Did you watch the entire season?:
Favorite character:
Least favorite character:
Dean or Sam (or both)?:
Favorite Eppisode?:
Favorite Urban Myth?:
Are You Superstitious?:
Do you believe in Ghosts?:
Were you a fan of any of the Actors befor the show?:
What would you like to see happen next season?:
Favorite Weapon from the show?:
If the Winchester men came up to you and asked you to hunt with them, and you couldnt wuss out, would you do it?:
How obsessed are you?:
Do you watch any other shows on the WB?:
Other fandoms:
What's in your LJ (Everyday life, fanfic, graphic)?:

Please Copy and Paste the form below (its the same as above), fill it out and post in the comments.

PLEASE PIMP this fandom friending in your lj or other communities by copying and pasting the code below.
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Week 1 Movie: Star Wars [Monday
May 15th, at 7:26pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Since there are so many different aspects to the Star Wars fandom, there are a lot of questions to fill out. However, I will break it down in to sections, and will give the most important questions (the ones specific to friending someone, such as what's in your LJ and your other interests) at the end of each section so you will have the option of filling out all or just one of them and still give the important information.

Edit: note- if you are answering the questions in BOTH sections, do not answer the last three questions when you answer the ones from the second section...because you'll have all ready have answered it in the first section.

Also, the question "what's in your LJ" is asking what you write about, not what your username is.

Please click the LJ cut and start answering the questions!Collapse )

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Week 1 Book: Pride & Prejudice [Monday
May 15th, at 3:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Welcome everyone! Here's one of two posts for Week 1. Expect the "movie" category later tonight.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Leave a comment where you answer the following questions:
How long have you been a Pride & Prejudice/Jane Austen fan?:
Favorite character(s):
Least favorite character(s):
Which are you a fan of--the book, the movie, the A&E mini-series, all/some of the above?:
Jennifer Ehle or Keira Knightly? (or, neither?):
Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen? (or, neither?):
Other fandoms:
What's in your LJ?:

To make it easy, just Select All and Copy the text box below and Paste it into your comment!

Any questions? Check out the user info.

PLEASE PIMP this fandom friending in your lj or other communities by copying and pasting this codeCollapse )
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May 7th, at 11:52am]

Hello, everyone! Thank you for joining our community! I'm so excited that so many people have joined, and we only posted ads in a few places on ONE day.

So, originally we were going to post the first set of questions on Monday, but I think it would be better if we waited another week to do it. The mods will have more time to come up with questions to post that way.

In the mean time, please continue to promote the community. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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Request a fandom [Thursday
May 4th, at 3:46pm]

This is the entry where you will be able to request fandoms if a fandom is not all ready listed.
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Fandom list [Thursday
May 4th, at 12:25am]

This is the post that the list of fandoms we'll be posting questions for will be in. The list will contain links to each entry with the questions for each fandom.
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May 4th, at 12:19am]

Welcome! Thanks for joining our community. Please sit back and wait until we've officially opened the community. ^_^
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