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Week 1 Movie: Star Wars

Since there are so many different aspects to the Star Wars fandom, there are a lot of questions to fill out. However, I will break it down in to sections, and will give the most important questions (the ones specific to friending someone, such as what's in your LJ and your other interests) at the end of each section so you will have the option of filling out all or just one of them and still give the important information.

Edit: note- if you are answering the questions in BOTH sections, do not answer the last three questions when you answer the ones from the second section...because you'll have all ready have answered it in the first section.

Also, the question "what's in your LJ" is asking what you write about, not what your username is.

Edit: Do NOT be afraid to reply to someone's comments and start chatting with them! That's what this is for, is to make friends! ^_^

The Star Wars movies- directed, written, and created by George Lucas

Leave a comment answering the following questions:
Questions- part one
General stuff
How long have you been a Star Wars fan?:
Favorite character(s):
Least favorite character(s):
Which are you a fan of--the books, the movies, the Clone Wars cartoon, all/some of the above?:
Sir Alec Guinness or Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi)? (or, neither?)?:
Harrison Ford or Mark Hamil? (or, neither?):
Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman (or, neither?:
Hayden Christienson, Sebastian Shaw, David Prowse or James Earl Jones (or none)?:
Which Star Wars movie is the worst? The best?:
Best character, overall? Worst character?:
What was the first Star Wars film you saw in theaters? How old were you (or name the year)?:
Actor (or actress) you think has the most talent or brought most to their role (and an explanation if you want):
If given the chance, would you work for George Lucas, or would it spoil the saga for you?:
Do you like the OT or Prequels better?:
Other fandoms:
What is in your LJ (i.e. every day life, fan fiction, community stuff, etc)?:

Questions- part two
Silly Stuff
Best Jedi? Worst?:
Best/worst villian:
Best space/large scale battle?:
Best/worst lightsaber battle?:
Best line from a Star Wars movie? Worst line?:
Best individual storyline? Worst?:
Favorite romantic pairing:
What's your favorite alien race?:
If you had a Jedi Master, who would it be?:
If you had a lightsaber, what color would it be?:
Baddest bad guy (aside from Darth Vader and the Emperor)?:
Most attractive Star Wars actor/actress?:
Are you looking forward to a possible SW TV series?:
Ever been to Star Wars Celebration?:
Characters you have costumed as:
Random Star Wars memories of note:
How has Star Wars impacted your life or changed it in a significant way?:
Do you write/draw any fan fiction/fan art?:
Have you created any Star Wars icons/graphics?:
How do you feel about the new Star Wars DVDs and the changes they made on them?:
If you could change up to three things about the entire Star Wars series/galaxy (including expanded universe), what would they be? Give reasons for each:
Other fandoms:
What is in your LJ (i.e. every day life, fan fiction, community stuff, etc)?:
How did you hear about fandomfriending?

To make it easy, simply just copy the questions from these two boxes and paste them in to a comment as a reply to this post.

Questions- part one

Questions- part two

Any questions? Check out the user info.

PLEASE PIMP this fandom friending in your LJ or other communities by copying and pasting

Credit to sunflower_daze_ for providing some/most of these questions. ^_^
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